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Specialized Manufacturing Sites

Daewoong Pharmaceutical has a number of strategically located manufacturing sites, each of which specializes in various production lines such as depot injection, liquid suspension, biological, and etc.

By achieving global standards, the new cGMP facility will play a crucial role in establishing Daewoong Pharmaceutical as a leading global manufacturer to the worldwide market.

Manufacturing Sites

  • Osong Factory
  • Seong-nam Factory
  • Hyang-nam Factory
  • Anseong Factory
  • Osong Factory c-GMP, Oral solid, Inj, Olostar®, Ursa®, Luphere®, etc
  • Seongnam Factory Cephalosporin Cefmetazole, etc
  • Hyangnam Factory Botulinum-toxin Nabota®, etc, API
  • Anseong Factory Tablets Powder
  • Liaoning Factory
  • Sichuan Factory
  • Liaoning Factory Liquid & Suspensions Smecta®,
    Newlanta®, etc
  • Sichuan Factory API, CDCA(Chenodeoxycholic acid)
  • Surabaya Factory
  • Surabaya Factory Biologics EPO, Somatropin, Vaccine