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Daewoong��s R&D Centers strive to develop innovative drugs that can improve global health.

Our R&D centers have a mission to improve its global drug development system and R&D pipeline to realize the vision of ��providing better health for people through its total dedication to healthcare��

VISION A Global healthcare Group dedicated to improving QOL Biologics Chemical Stem cell / Growth Factor Bio-Better Innovative NCE Depot Injection

USA/Europe/China & Line Ext, etc.
Process Innovation for Global production
Skin Care - Cosmetics for GF Wound healing
Hyaluronic acid/Cholic acid Development
Antiulcer, Autoimmune disease, Fibrotic disease, NASH,
Neuropathic pain, Diabetes
FDC & IMD Drug
Diabetes, Hypertension/Hyperlipidema etc.
New platform technology
Depot, Nano, Patch, Inhalation device etc.


Stem cell Growth factor Biologics Development Drug Delivery & Formulation Small molecute Discovery Depot Technology Biologics Chemical

Therapeutic Area

Autoimmune Disease Fibrotic Disease Gastrointestinal Disease Immuno-Oncology Cardio-Metabolic Disease Neuroscience&Pain